The Athletes' Council is an elected group of current and retired Paralympic athletes (within the past eight years) that serve as the collective voice, advocating the best interests of Canada's Paralympic athletes and the Paralympic movement within Canada. The Athletes' Council works to provide input and recommendations from an athlete perspective to the Canadian Paralympic Committee staff, committees and Board of a Directors with respect to decision making at all levels of the organization. 

What We Do

  • Support the National Office, CPC committees and working groups in the achievement of the goals, tasks and actions outlined in the CPC business plan
  • Provide advice, guidance and recommendations to the CPC Board with regards to current or contemplated policies, programs, decisions, or other matters that are relevant.
  • Identify athlete issues and highlights them to the CPC Board for discussion and action
  • Provide a forum in which athletes may share and develop information and ideas
  • Advocate for the protection of athletes’ rights
  • Develop an effective communication network and liaise with Paralympic athlete representatives from all CPC sport stakeholder organizations
  • Work with AthletesCAN and other organizations providing a resource and model for Canadian National Sport Organizations as they develop world-leading athlete representation on their boards, committees and teams

If you'd like to reach any of the Athletes' Council members, please contact: