Just to know that I can still punch it in there when I put in the aggression and put in all together, it’s really awesome.
Mollie Jepsen, Para alpine skiing

Lima to Tokyo to Beijing and Paris on a timeline

Paralympic athletes train hard, compete with intensity and push the boundaries of human achievement. Their disability does not make them different. They are athletes first – they do it for the athletic achievement and competition. They are driven by their pursuit of excellence.

The Paralympic Games bring together the best para athletes from around the world. It is an incredible achievement to qualify for the Paralympic Games and to represent your country on the biggest international stage for your sport. 

Canadians have participated in the modern Paralympic Games since 1968. 

A total of 151 athletes, including sport assistants, pilots, and guides, will form the Lima 2019 Canadian Parapan Am Team, as the Canadian Paralympic Committee announced the official list of athletes selected to represent Canada at the Parapan American Games from August 23 to September 1 in Lima, Peru. 

Team announcement map of Canada with a breakdown of how many athletes per province

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