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Can you imagine sitting alone in gym class while the rest of the class is having fun?  Can you imagine needing costly, adapted equipment to participate in almost every sport?   Can you imagine not having the support you need to excel to the highest levels in a sport you love?

Now IMAGINE… A Canada where sport is available to all.

Our GOAL is to ensure that the programs, equipment and people are in place to propel more Canadians with a disability all the way from their communities to the Paralympic podium.

Our DREAM is that no Canadian with a disability should ever face a barrier to participating in sport.

There are more than five million Canadians with a disability, but only a very small percentage of them are active in sport.  Far too many Canadians with a disability have not been given the opportunity to become athletes.  

Why does this matter?

  • The cost of inactivity is very high, from escalating medical costs to increased social isolation;
  • Physical activity offers people the opportunity to boost their self-esteem and to prevent many of the health conditions that affect people of all abilities, such as depression, fatigue and obesity;
  • There are also missed medals and lost opportunities for national pride when motivated Canadians do not get identified or supported in their dream to excel on the highest stage.

We need the support of Canadians to ensure that our nation leads the way in removing barriers for people to participate in physical activity and sport, from communities all the way to the podium. As Canadians, we have an exciting opportunity to be the best in the world at this – let’s do it!

Board of Directors


Dean Brokop

Director, Foundation


613-569-4333 x 249


Danielle Porteous

Manager, Major Gifts & Campaigns


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Maggie Brennan

Coordinator, Special Projects


613-569-4333  x255


The Paralympic Foundation of Canada’s charitable registration number is 813904190RR0001.
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