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Canadian Paralympic Committee
85 Plymouth Street
Suite 100
Ottawa, ON, K1S 3E2
Tel: 613-569-4333
Fax: 613-569-2777


Karen O'Neill, Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 613-569-4333 x223

Laurie Cairns. Executive Director, Corporate Services
Tel 613-569-4333 x 238

Nathalie Boyer, Manager, Finance
Tel: 613-569-4333 x 227

Amanda Frechette, Senior Coordinator, Events
Tel: 613-569-4333 x 253

Amanda Lahaie, Coordinator, Finance & Administration
Tel: 613-569-4333 x 221

Jennifer Purdy, Coordinator, Corporate Services
Tel: 613-569-4333 x239



François Robert, Executive Director, Partnerships
Tel: 613-569-4333 x240

Dean Brokop, Director, Foundation
Paralympic Foundation of Canada

Tel: 613-569-4333 x249

Michael Patterson, Manager, Partnerships
Tel: 613-569-4333 x232

Marie-Eve Gauvin, Senior Coordinator, Partnerships
Tel: 613-569-4333 x236

Danielle Porteous, Manager, Major Gifts and Campaigns
Paralympic Foundation of Canada
Tel: 613-569-4333 x245

Niva Shrestha, Senior Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships and Fundraising 
Tel: 613-569-4333 x248 

Maggie Brennan, Coordinator, Special Projects
Paralympic Foundation of Canada

Tel: 613-569-4333 x255



Martin Richard, Executive Director, Communications & Marketing
Tel: 613-569-4333 x224
Cell: 613-725-4339

Emily Gentes, Manager, Content & Digital Media
Tel: 613-569-4333 x222
Cell: 613-668-6022

Nicole Watts, Manager, Public Relations
Tel: 613-569-4333 x262
Jody Kingsbury, Manager, Athlete Marketing & Alumni Relations 
Tel: 613-569-4333 x225 
Cell: 613-851-2337 

Josyane Morin, Manager, Brand Creatives
Tel: 613-569-4333 x246

Marc Dorion, Senior Coordinator, Alumni Engagement
Tel: 613-569-4333 x254

Erin Chapman, Senior Coordinator, Digital Media Content
Tel: 613-569-4333 x243


Louis Daignault, Coordinator, Communications
Tel: 613-569-4333 x237

Camille Bérubé, Intern, Communications
Tel: 613-569-4333 



Catherine Gosselin-Després, Executive Director, Sport
Tel. 613-569-4333 x241 

Travis Holmes, Director, Games Operations and Delivery
Tel: 613-569-4333 x230

Michelle Killins, Director, Paralympic Performance and Pathway
Tel: 613-569-4333 x228

Natalie Brett, Manager, Games Operations and Delivery
Tel: 613-569-4333 x231

Jenny Davey, Manager, System Development & Education
Tel : 613-569-4333 x233

Corey Lock, Manager, Games Operations and Delivery
Tel: 613-569-4333 x229

Mike Vieira, Manager, Paralympic Performance
Tel: 613-569-4333 x250

Jenn Bruce, Senior Coordinator, System Development & Education
Tel: 613-569-4333 x244

Rob Frost, Senior Coordinator, High Performance & Games Enhancements
Tel: 613-569-4333 x234

Allister Scorgie, Senior Coordinator, Games Operations and Delivery
Tel: 613-569-4333 x235

Nicholas Vipond, Senior Coordinator, High Performance & Games Enhancements
Tel: 613-569-4333 x226 

Stephanie Johnson, Senior Coordinator, Games Operations and Delivery
Tel. 613-569-4333 x242