Stefan Daniel triathlon Rio

Para triathlon joined the Paralympic Games family for the 2016 Rio Games. The three events in Para triathlon are a 750-m swim, 20 kilometre cycle and a five kilometre run. There are five classifications for both men and women.  Stefan Daniel won Canada's firsst Para triathlon medal in Rio 2016 with a silver medal. 

As in the Olympic version of the sport, time spent in transition between swimming, cycling and running is included in the total event time.

People with various types of disabilities take part in the sport, including wheelchair users, amputees and visually impaired athletes. They are classified according to their capabilities and may use adapted equipment to assist their movement - for example, paraplegic competitors or wheelchair users may use a manual bicycle called a handcycle, turning the pedals with their hands, for the cycling stage, and compete in the race in a wheelchair.

For a full list of historical results, visit the International Paralympic Committee website. 

Athletes with a physical impairment compete in sport classes PT1-PT4. PT1 includes triathletes who are wheelchair users, while PT2-PT4 include ambulant triathletes. Athletes with a visual impairment compete in sport class PT5.