Paralympian Lisa DeJong Releases Inspiring Children’s Book, “Lucy’s Fancy Leg”

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February 07, 2024

The debut book from the Beijing 2022 Para snowboard silver medallist is available now.

Composite image of two images of Lisa DeJong. On the left, Lisa is taking a selfie photo while holding her debut book Lucy's Fancy Leg" and on the right is an image of Lisa celebrating winning the silver medal at the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics."

Paralympian Lisa DeJong, known for her incredible journey in snowboarding, has ventured into the world of children’s literature with her heartwarming book, “Lucy’s Fancy Leg.”

The story is of Lucy, a below-the-knee child amputee with a very special talent: she builds her own prosthetic legs in her secret laboratory! Having built prosthetics for almost every occasion, when Lucy signs up for ballet, she realizes she doesn’t have the right leg and it’s time to head back to the laboratory.

A mother herself, DeJong shares, “Since having kids almost nine years ago, we’ve always enjoyed sitting together and reading books.” Inspired by these cherished moments, the idea for her own children’s book began to take shape.

“When I was still competing, I started jotting down little parts that I thought would make into a good children’s book,” DeJong said. “Then after the Paralympic Games, I really started to focus on making it a reality.”



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“Lucy’s Fancy Leg” is not just a creation, it’s a culmination of DeJong’s experiences, both on the snowboarding slopes and her own childhood. A left leg below the knee amputee since age three, DeJong grew up in a skiing family and started snowboarding at the age of 12. But it has also become a whole family creation, with DeJong’s daughters helping her craft the story along the way.

“I put together some of the funny things and adventures that happened to me growing up being an amputee,” DeJong said. “My girls are really excited about my book. They’ve been along on the journey from the beginning. They’ve helped me put together the book and gave me some of their own ideas.”

Through humor and lighthearted storytelling, DeJong aims to celebrate disability and bring awareness to the unique experiences of individuals with limb differences, but also inspire young readers to persevere through any challenges they may face.

“I hope that kids that read this book feel inspired to persevere in whatever they might be going through,” DeJong said. “And just remember to find the humor along the way in life.”

Now retired from snowboarding, DeJong is a motivational speaker and visits schools in her community for presentations and is excited about incorporating “Lucy’s Fancy Leg” into her school visits.

“I think it’s just going to be really great for these young readers to listen and engage with the story,” DeJong said. “There’s nothing more powerful than storytelling, especially with these young kids.”

It’s not only young readers DeJong is excited about helping but draws upon her own experiences to share some advice to the young athletes aiming to compete at the upcoming Paris 2024 Paralympics.

“Enjoy every moment, and you’ve already won by making it and qualifying for the Games,” DeJong said.

When asked about the possibility of more books in the future, DeJong expressed, “I’ve had such a positive outpour of support. That makes me think that maybe there will be some more in the future with how positively this first book is being received.”

“Lucy’s Fancy Leg” is available now in Walmart, Amazon and most major online bookstores in both eBook and hardcover.

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