Be Part of Something Bigger

At the CPC, we’re on a mission to deliver the best-prepared teams for Games excellence, fostering environments where athletes, coaches, and supporters can thrive. Our commitment goes beyond the podium; it’s about igniting passion, promoting well-being, and nurturing a culture of positivity and abuse-free sport.

Champion Inclusivity with Us

Inclusion is the heart of our strategy. We envision an inclusive world, realized through the power and unity of Paralympic sport. Here at CPC, your role extends beyond your day-to-day responsibilities. You’ll be an integral part of promoting disability inclusion, shaping accessible and equitable opportunities, and sharing the incredible stories that move our nation and the world.

Why CPC?

Embark on a Career that Makes a Difference

Ready to contribute to a legacy of excellence and inclusion? Explore career opportunities with us and join a community that’s boldly challenging what’s traditionally expected, inspiring action, and bringing people together for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Current Openings at the Canadian Paralympic Committee: