The CPC is a proud member of Abuse-Free Sport, the independent program to prevent and address maltreatment in sport in Canada.

As part of our commitment, the CPC has adopted the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS).

The CPC and its stakeholders now have access to the services of the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner (OSIC), which is responsible for the administration of the UCCMS and serves as the central hub of Abuse-Free Sport.

Filing a Complaint Regarding CPC Participants

The UCCMS sets out our expectations for conduct and behaviour to advance a respectful sport culture that delivers quality inclusive, accessible, welcoming, and safe sport experiences. The UCCMS generally applies to all participants involved in CPC activities including but not limited to all events over which the CPC has jurisdiction such as the Paralympic Games and Parapan American Games, as well as all other events and activities organized or hosted by the CPC.

We expect that any individual involved in CPC activities and all those involved in the Paralympic Movement in Canada to conduct themselves with integrity and to the highest standards of conduct, in accordance with the CPC values, as well as the UCCMS. Pursuant to the UCCMS, participants must report any actual or suspected cases of maltreatment to the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner by following the process laid out on OSIC’s website:

OSIC is responsible for administering the UCCMS using trauma-informed processes that are compassionate, efficient and provide fairness, respect, and equity to all parties involved.

Alternatively, individuals can report any non-UCCMS related complaint to the CPC’s independent third party, who will guide you through the complaints process and/or explore other options.

Please note that all reports of maltreatment made to the CPC may be redirected to OSIC, in accordance with the CPC’s Duty to Report obligation under the UCCMS.


You may contact our Independent Third Party at The Independent Third Party will guide you through the CPC complaints process and/or explore other options. This Independent Official is empowered to supersede Canadian Paralympic Committee staff and launch appropriate policies as required based on evidence or a situation reported. Your contact with the CPC Independent Third Party is confidential, subject to certain legal limits.


The Abuse-Free Sport Helpline is a national toll-free helpline offering assistance to victims or witnesses of harassment, abuse or discrimination in sport. It is an anonymous, confidential, independent service that will provide you with advice, guidance and resources on how to proceed/intervene appropriately in the circumstances.

Phone: 1-888-837-7678


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