Statement from the Canadian Paralympic Committee and the Canadian Paralympic Athletes’ Council on the announcement of the Future of Sport in Canada Commission

Canadian Paralympic Committee

December 11, 2023

The Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) wholeheartedly welcomes and supports the announcement made by Minister Qualtrough today.


The Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) wholeheartedly welcomes and supports the announcement made by Minister Qualtrough today, regarding the creation of the Future of Sport in Canada Commission.

Modelled after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and focused on survivor experiences and trauma-informed approaches, this Commission marks a significant stride in promoting safety and inclusivity in Canadian sport. We are committed to actively participating in this process, offering our full cooperation and support, and leveraging the invaluable experience and leadership of our athletes to ensure that our approach to athlete safety and well-being is continually evolving, improving, and aligning with the Commission’s focus.

“This initiative, with its emphasis on safety in sport and its intersectional and inclusive approach, is a crucial step in redefining the sporting landscape in Canada,” said Erica Gavel, Chair of the Canadian Paralympic Athletes’ Council. “We want to acknowledge the courage of the athletes who have shared their experiences. Their voices are not only driving this much-needed change but also shaping a healthier future for Canadian sport in its broadest context.”

“Our 10-year strategy, a roadmap for the future of Paralympic sport in Canada, aligns perfectly with the Commission’s goals,” said Marc-André Fabien, President of the Canadian Paralympic Committee. “We are dedicated to fostering a culture where the dignity and rights of athletes are paramount. This Commission is a first step in a series of initiatives aimed at driving meaningful change, addressing issues like racism and ensuring diversity in its broadest representation within our sport community.”

The Commission’s approach to Safety in Sport resonates with our commitment to diversity and inclusion. The appointment of an Independent Legal Expert to head this Commission underscores our pledge to continue our work in making Canadian sport a welcoming space for all, with athlete experiences and perspectives leading the way.

We are dedicated to working collaboratively and transparently with the Commission, the Ministerial Athlete Advisory Committee, Sport Canada, our National Sport Organizations, and most importantly, our athletes, to contribute positively to this transformative initiative and ensure the sport system is both compliant and accountable. We will maintain an open line of communication with our community, providing regular updates and engaging in meaningful dialogue throughout this process.

The Future of Sport in Canada Commission will not only address current challenges but will actively shape the future of Canadian sport. These measures will lead to a singular, unifying goal: making sport in Canada the sport we all want it to be. A sport that is safe and inclusive for all. Through these efforts, we envision a future where Canadian sport is synonymous with positivity, excellence, and respect – a beacon for others to follow. We are committed to working together with others to create a positive sport environment in Canada, one where every athlete, coach, and community member can thrive.

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