National Academy produces depth for Canada in wheelchair basketball

Canadian Paralympic Committee

June 15, 2018

National Academy produces depth for Canada in wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair basketball

Mike Frogley doesn’t mince words about the importance of CPC’s NextGen funding for Wheelchair Basketball Canada’s National Academy which provides a centralized training location for both the national teams and developmental squads

‘’If we didn’t have the Academy, these up and coming athletes wouldn’t have opportunity to train in a centralized program,’’ said Frogley, the National Academy Director and Head Coach for WBC. ‘’ If not for the Academy program we would not have a women’s team. And that team will be a serious medal contender at the world championships this year.’’

The Wheelchair Basketball Canada National Academy, located at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, is a ground-breaking program designed to accelerate the development of the next generation of elite Canadian wheelchair basketball athletes and fuel Canada’s ongoing podium success at future World Championships and Paralympic Games.

Frogley says the NextGen funding  brings these four major benefits to the players: time on the court, access to quality coaching, competition opportunities in Canada and the U.S. and access to services such as sport science, nutritionists, athletic therapists and much more.

’’We can see the impact of long term funding already  after four years,’’ Frogley said. ‘’That will be re-enforced when we announce the squad for the 2020 Paralympic Games.’’

The Paralympic Foundation of Canada is celebrating the first year of the ImagiNation campaign, which aims to raise $6 million over four years and leverage a $4 million matching commitment from the Government of Canada for an unprecedented $10 million investment in Canadian athletes with a disability.

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