Alex Massie snowboarding in Beijing

Para Snowboard was the latest sport added to the Winter Paralympic Games program in 2014. The lower limb impairment athletes were featured at the 2014 Games but athletes with upper limb impairments also compete in the sport. In the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games Cross and Banked Slalom were added to the races. 

Each athlete competes three runs down the course with their finish time of their best two runs determining the final order based on ascending time. The course set up is similar to able-bodied snowboard cross events, with modifications to terrain features.

The International Paralympic Committee  is the world governing body. Canada Snowboard is the National Sport Federation.



Para-snowboard offers three sport classes. The sport is under development and with its growth the classification system will be refined gradually.

Sport Class SB-LL1: Snowboarders have a significant impairment in one leg, or a significant combined impairment in two legs. Athletes with amputations can use prosthesis during the races.

Sport Class SB-LL2: Snowboarders have an impairment in one or two legs with less activity limitation.

Sport Class SB-UL: Snowboarders have impairments of the upper limbs.

At the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games, only events for athletes in SB-LL were contested.