From Swimming to Nordic, Paralympian Benoit Huot gives it his all

Canadian Paralympic Committee

February 24, 2019

It’s 3:45am in Prince George and I can’t seem to sleep...


It’s probably jet lag from Montreal…

I am nervous… and anxious… from this sit ski challenge.

All I can think of is how am I going to do this…

I accepted a challenge to get on a sit ski to explore the Caledonia trails; similar to our athletes, at the 2019 World Para Nordic Championships…

I need to get advice from a friend, a Paralympian, …CINDY OUELETT! Yes, hopefully she is awake to give me some tricks.

Watch this short film to see how I make out.

I have to say that this was a very humbling experience, I enjoyed every minute. What a beautiful sport, these athletes are simply amazing.

– Benoit Huot

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