Priscilla Gagné overcomes injury to win silver at Para judo Grand Prix

Canadian Paralympic Committee

December 05, 2023

Faced archrival in final

Priscilla Gagné, Tokyo 2020 - Judo

TOKYO – Priscilla Gagné returned to Tokyo Tuesday and won the silver medal in the women’s 57 kilos at the Para judo Grand Prix.

Gagné, Canada’s flag bearer for the Opening Ceremony at Tokyo 2020 where she also placed second, lost to archrival Liana Mutia of the U.S. in the final. Early in the bout, Gagné was awarded a Waza-ari but the official reversed the decision a few seconds later.

The American went on the offensive and scored a bout-ending Ippon with just over a minute to go in the bout.

Gagné, originally from Sarnia, Ont., and now living in Montreal defeated Mutia at the Alexandria Grand Prix last March but the American won the rematch at the world championships in the semifinals.

“The fact is Priscilla was in control and followed the game plan very well,’’ said Gagné’s coach Andrzej Sadej. ‘’This was Mutia’s first successful attack from the left side against a quality opponent. She has clearly improved and is now ranked number one in the world.’’

Taking advantage of a first-round bye, Gagné opened with an Ippon victory over Moldova’s Ina Cernei. In the semi-finals, Gagné beat Argentina’s Paula Gomez, once again by ippon. Gomez went on to win the bronze.

Gagné injured her ankle two weeks ago which affected her training.

“Knowing that she hasn’t had the best preparation for this tournament, I’m confident that Priscilla will be able to beat the American at the next Games, where it counts most”, concluded Sadej.

with files from Judo Canada

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