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May 21, 2020

Videos added to D&I portal and Facebook group created to encourage interaction

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OTTAWA – As the globe marks United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on Thursday, the Canadian Paralympic Committee launched phase two of its Diversity & Inclusion portal to promote a better sport environment in Canada. 

Added to the list of resources available for individuals or organizations to utilize are short, bite-sized videos featuring diversity and inclusion expert Andrea Carey, as well as various Para athletes, discussing a number of topics such as why diversity and inclusion is important in sport, what barriers currently exist, and how Canada can become a leader. A new Facebook group has also been created and will be a space for the sport community to share and discuss these resources. 

These additions will help elevate the tools already available in the portal, which was launched last year and includes a key resources library as well as a self-assessment to see where you or your organization currently stands and how to start making diversity and inclusion a priority. 

“One of our core values at the CPC is inclusion and we take our role as leaders in promoting a safe, welcoming, and inclusive sport environment to heart,” said Karen O’Neill, CEO, Canadian Paralympic Committee. “These additional resources will provide an enhanced platform for people to engage and interact within the diversity and inclusion space, ask questions, share best practices, and further push our sport community to make sport in Canada a safe space for everyone, no matter their background.”  

CLICK HERE to access the Facebook group. All are welcome to join. 

The Diversity & Inclusion portal can be found at Paralympic.ca/diversity-and-inclusion-0

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