CPC encourages use of new accessibility guidelines

Canadian Paralympic Committee

November 06, 2020

Guide is a resource for creating more inclusive environments

A photo of an accessible ramp outside a building

A valuable new guide that details concrete actions to increase accessibility is available, and the Canadian Paralympic Committee encourages all organizations – whether in the sport community or not – to review this resource and see how positive change can be applied in their own domains.    

The Accessibility Guide, recently updated and released by the International Paralympic Committee, was designed to support the hosting of not just an accessible and inclusive Olympic and Paralympic Games, but other events as well. Detailed information and best practice recommendations can be found within the guide that can be utilized by more than just events. 

“This is a comprehensive, valuable document that can be used by any organization to increase their accessibility,” said Karen O’Neill, CEO, Canadian Paralympic Committee. “The recommendations go beyond simply hosting events and can be applied to our environments as a whole. As we seek to tangibly become more accessible and inclusive overall, this is a resource we encourage all members of our community to review and implement; it is an important resource to understand diverse, different needs and what can be done to create a welcoming environment for all.” 

The IPC Accessibility Guide, which is part of the IPC’s objectives to promote a more inclusive world through Para sport, can be found HERE.  

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