Canadian Paralympic Committee statement on Russia

Canadian Paralympic Committee

February 08, 2019

IPC announced today it will conditionally lift the suspension of the Russian Paralympic Committee


Ottawa, February 8, 2019 – The International Paralympic Committee announced today that it will conditionally lift the suspension of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) by March 15, 2019.

The Russian Paralympic Committee has been suspended since August 7, 2016 prior to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. A small number of Russian athletes were allowed to compete as Neutral Paralympic Athletes at the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games. 

Full announcement from the IPC available HERE

Statement from Marc-André Fabien, president, Canadian Paralympic Committee:

“The Canadian Paralympic Committee accepts and supports the decision to reinstate the Russian Paralympic Committee as laid out by the International Paralympic Committee given strict criteria put in place to ensure that the RPC is held accountable.  We remain disappointed  that the RPC refuse to accept the McLaren report finding. The IPC set out a list of comprehensive, strict and fair conditions for reinstatement and we will now look towards a clean, transparent future that we hope all sport organizations and leaders will fight for.

Athletes deserve to compete in a fair, safe, and clean playing field. Cheating has no place in Paralympic sport and we will continue to remain vigilant and be strong advocates for clean sport for our athletes, our coaches, and our community.

We would like to acknowledge the diligent work of the IPC board and committee throughout this process.”

Statement from Tony Walby, chair of the Canadian Paralympic Athletes Council, Paralympian

“We support the IPC’s decision in taking a hard stance on clean sport by ensuring RPC is held accountable moving forward. We are deeply disappointed that Russia has been reinstated without having met all the criteria. As athletes, we are expected to follow strict rules and the same should apply for national governing bodies. We feel that all athletes competing at the Paralympic Games deserve a fair and clean level playing field. This decision sadly undermines the athletes and their sport.”

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