About Swimming Canada

Swimming Canada serves as the national governing body of competitive swimming. We inspire Canadians through world leading performances to embrace a lifestyle of swimming, sport, fitness and health. Canadians are global leaders in high performance swimming and development for swimmers of all abilities. Swimming is recognized as one of the most celebrated and successful Canadian summer Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Core Values

Deriving from the same set of values that our athletes and coaches are expected to adhere to, Swimming Canada has adopted key corporate values which will define and crystallize its approach and behavior.

Swimming Canada Values

The lifelong pursuit of excellence across all levels of the sport and organization.

Behaviour of the highest ethical standard based on a foundation of accountability, integrity, respect and safety in all of our interactions.

The power of teamwork; as agile leaders in the swimming community we are committed to working collaboratively with our members and partners.

Continual improvement across all levels of the sport and organization.

People as we strive to make swimming a diverse and inclusive sport for all.

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