Hi Canada!

My name is Coda and I’m a beaver. As Canada’s national animal, I can be found all over the country in our beautiful lakes and rivers. I move slowly on land, but because of my webbed feet I am an excellent swimmer.

I might not have the best eyesight, but I make up for it with my strong sense of hearing, smell, and touch. I don’t let any challenge stop me! I always work hard and persevere through any situation so that I can accomplish all of my tasks and goals.

I believe that anything is possible, and I’m proud to share that belief with the amazing athletes who are training to be the best in the world and represent Canada at the Paralympic Games.

I am named after the musical term ‘coda’ which is a segment of music that extends and elaborates themes in a musical piece, giving it a sense of balance and completeness, before bringing it to a conclusion.

I hope to meet you someday, Let’s go Canada!

You can follow me on my TikTok page, @cdnparalympics.