The Let’s Play program helps children with mobility-related physical disabilities across Saskatchewan become physically active early in life and encourages them to stay that way.

With the support of a $30,000 Para sport Jumpstart grant, Let’s Play focused on letting kids try a variety of adapted sports. The program included loaning sports specific wheelchairs that were specifically designed for young children, hosting Let’s Play Days in the community and providing mentorship and role models to children with disabilities, while offering one-to-one support to families. The program included a specific outreach to rural areas to help identify and  support children with disabilities across Saskatchewan. In fact, the Let’s Play program identified more children than anticipated – underlining the real need for these programs. The program’s wider impact on the local community was exemplified in communities across Saskatchewan, including Swift Current, where the parents of the participants started talking and decided to develop a weekly wheelchair sports program to keep their kids active. Saskatchewan Wheelchair Sports Association is now working with the parents to find equipment and a facility to build and deliver the program.

Teenage girl playing wheelchair basketball

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