Quick facts


November 2, 1998


Edmonton, AB


Edmonton, AB


Wheelchair Rugby

Branden Troutman, the youngest member of Team Canada, began playing wheelchair rugby in 2015 following an introduction to the sport by fellow player Zak Madell. He was, at the time, already competing provincially in both wheelchair athletics and wheelchair basketball but decided to give the sport a try, out of sheer curiosity. Soon thereafter, Branden was hooked on wheelchair rugby for its full-contact nature, which he found brought out a little bit of anger in him.


Since then, Branden has made significant strides as a wheelchair rugby player, improving both the offensive and defensive sides to his game. So much so, that he earned himself a coveted place on Team Canada’s roster for the 2018 Canada Cup and the 2018 Wheelchair Rugby World Championships. Just a year later, in 2019, Branden would play a key role in helping Alberta capture their first-ever Division 1 National Championship.


Competing at the 2018 World Championships and winning a National title.


Outside of sport, Branden shares a huge passion for motor sports, especially dirt bikes. He’s been also been working towards completing his bachelor’s degree at MacEwan University in Edmonton.  


  • 2018 World Championships 6th