Creating a new space for greatness by removing barriers and championing a diverse and inclusive world, together.

As an organization dedicated to fostering an inclusive and vibrant Paralympic movement in Canada, the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) is proud to unveil its revitalized brand. Our new identity embodies the energy, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence that define Paralympic sport, with a distinctly Canadian spirit.

Based on our new brand strategy, our identity is built around the goal of changing the game. It represents the transformative power of sport, the dedication that drives our athletes and fans, and our commitment to creating a vibrant and inclusive world.

Our new brand is more than a “glow up”

The refresh of our brand was a deeply intentional process, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity, excellence, and the unique spirit of the Paralympic movement. Every element of our new identity was thoughtfully designed to resonate with our community and embody the values we hold dear. From the bold new colour palette to the custom-designed font and dynamic sport signatures, each aspect serves a purpose in telling our story and advancing our mission.

Significance of our brand colours

Our new brand colours were chosen with deliberate symbolism and intention to reflect the organization’s values and mission. The palette includes red, violet, and gold, each representing key aspects of the Paralympic movement.

Red symbolizes national pride, resonating with the passion and determination of Canadian athletes as they compete on the world stage. Violet is a colour strongly associated with disability and inclusivity, highlighting our commitment to creating an accessible and welcoming environment for all. Gold denotes strength and ambition, reflecting the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines Paralympic sport. Together, these colours not only enhance our visual identity but also serve as a powerful reminder of our dedication to diversity, inclusion, and greatness.

Behind the custom font: Para Movement

Our new custom font, Para Movement, is a testament to our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. Created in collaboration with typeface design studio Dalton Maag, this font was developed with a focus on readability and representation.

Para Movement prioritizes accessibility, ensuring that the text is easily readable for all, including those with visual impairments. The design incorporates elements of movement, capturing the dynamic and vibrant nature of Para sport. This thoughtful approach to typography not only enhances our visual identity but also aligns with our mission to create a space where everyone can engage with the Paralympic movement.

Dynamic representation with Para sport signatures

Developed in collaboration with creative studio Sequence, these signatures capture the essence and energy of Para sport through visual representations of dynamic movements.

There are eight distinct Para sport signatures, each symbolizing a key aspect of Para athleticism: water, combat, hitting, rolling, running, sliding, throwing, and Para ice hockey. These signatures not only highlight the unique characteristics and athleticism inherent in each sport but also celebrate the strength and determination of Canadian Para athletes.

Para Athletes Nathan Clement, Bianca Borgella, Priscilla Gagne and Cindy Ouellet

Frequently asked questions

To help our community better understand the exciting changes at the Canadian Paralympic Committee, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. This section aims to provide clarity on various aspects of our new brand, website, and fan-focused initiatives.

Aligned to the launch of our new 10-year strategy, our rebranding is part of our commitment to fostering an inclusive and vibrant Paralympic community in Canada. The new brand reflects our dedication to creating a space for greatness by removing barriers and championing diversity.

Our purpose signifies our mission to transform the landscape of Paralympic sport by breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity. We aim to create an environment where everyone can thrive and achieve greatness.

The rebranding was a comprehensive and intentional process involving extensive consultation with athletes and our sport partners. We partnered with Ottawa-based growth agency Differly and Vancouver-based brand agency WILL, as well as other specialized agencies, to ensure every aspect of the new brand resonates with our values and mission.

The new website, developed with Rain Digital, offers enhanced accessibility, improved user experience, and more opportunities to spotlight athletes, sports, member organizations, corporate partners, and the Paralympic Games’ rich history.

CAN Crew is our first-ever fan-focused newsletter, providing engaging athlete stories, updates on the Games, and more. It connects fans with the heart of the Paralympic movement. You can subscribe through our new website.

There are many ways to get involved, from supporting our athletes to participating in fundraising initiatives. Visit our website for more information on how you can join our mission and be part of the change.