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The Paralympic Foundation of Canada was established to help ensure that the programs, equipment and people are in place to propel more Canadians with a disability all the way from the playground to the Paralympic podium.

Canadian Paralympic athletes are many things. Dedicated. Hard working. Inspiring. Committed. World class. But above all – they are incredible athletes.

Reaching the podium on the world stage is no small feat. It takes the best coaching, the best training environments, the best equipment and the best in sport science.

We believe Canadian Paralympic athletes deserve the best.

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With your support, our goal is to raise $1 Million per year through the Circle of Champions by 2017. These funds will have a direct impact on the important elements that contribute to building Paralympic champions.

COACHING is at the heart of athletic performance and the development of athletes who will be future champions. Coaches’ technical knowledge, passion and dedication make them an integral part of an athlete’s development, in both sport and life.

Increased support for sports to access daily TRAINING environments, where athletes can train together under the supervision of a world class coach, can play a significant role in athletes reaching the podium.

With funding for INNOVATION AND EQUIPMENT we can ensure collaboration with sport and performance partners to fund research for projects that will contribute to success in Paralympic sport and improve the performance of athletes on their path to podium successes.

Members of the Circle of Champions will be asked to make a four-year commitment at one of three levels of giving to ensure that together we can truly make a profound impact on the parasport system in Canada.




$1,000 / year

$5,000 / year

$25,000 / year

Based on the level of support there are exclusive benefits ranging from Team Canada gear to special event access and VIP experiences at the Paralympic Games.

Join the Circle of Champions and help develop future Canadian Paralympic champions. 

Together, we can improve opportunities for more Canadians  to reach their full potential, through sport. And in doing so, we can play a part in helping Canada become the world’s leading Paralympic nation. 

Thank you to our Circle of Champions members 




Rick Baker

Roy Boettger

Laurent Despres

Hugues Gibeault

Monique Giroux

Dale Hooper

Patrick Jarvis

Dave Jupp

Rem Langan

Julie Magner

Marie-France Moquin

Darren Noseworthy

Karen O’Neill

Francois Robert

Jeff Rogers

Mark Starratt

Michael Urquhart

Ellen Waxman


Chris & Lina Bowden

Marc-Andre Fabien

Greg Mackenzie

Rob & Tracy Hain



Mike Shaikh

Jim & Deborah Westlake


Become A Champion For Paralympic Sport In Canada.

The Paralympic Foundation of Canada’s charitable registration number is 813904190RR0001.

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