Induction year: 2013
Sport: Swimming

​Winnipeg swimmer Tim McIsaac was one of Canada's top Paralympic Games medal producers in the 1980s. He won medals at four Paralympic Games: Toronto in 1976 (one gold, two silver, two bronze), Arnhem, the Netherlands in 1980 (four gold, one silver, two bronze), New York in 1984 (four gold, three silver) and Seoul in 1988 (six gold, three bronze).

McIsaac, who has a visual impairment, also competed at the World Games, an Olympic-style competition for blind and visually impaired athletes in 1979 and 1986, tabulating five gold, four silver and eight bronze.

McIsaac still competes today in Masters swimming and triathlon. He works full time as a business development associate with the Government of Manitoba's Science Innovation Business Development and also does volunteer work, serves on boards and committees and speaks on behalf of the Active Living Alliance of Canadians with Disabilities.

He was named Canada's junior male athlete of the year in 1976 and Manitoba's athlete of year in 1982. McIsaac was inducted into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame in 2000 and Swimming Canada's Circle of Excellence in 2012.