Para Nordic skiing


Ottawa, ON



2014 Paralympian



GETTING INTO THE SPORT: Bisson was introduced to cross country skiing the year before her diagnosis, and simply wanted to continue her sporting life after her operations. She had a chance meeting with some adaptive skiers, and got into the sport.


Sporting life before para-nordic skiing: Recreational runner for two decades with a number of half-marathons under her belt. She also played Ultimate Frisbee at a competitive level for three years.

Resuming her sporting activities was a key aspect of physical and mental rehabilitation. With 15 pounds less on the left side, Bisson explored the range of motions in running, hiking, skiing and yoga to rebuild core strength and maintain balance, as her center of gravity is shifted to the right.

OTHER: Avid back-country camper, hiker and traveler, loves the outdoors. She enjoys writing, reading, international news, documentaries and foreign films. Likes to share her experience with others, particularly youth, through presentations in schools and an amputee visitors program.

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Host City
2014 Winter
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Sochi, Russia