Para canoe

Para canoe was included in the Paralympic Games for the first time in Rio 2016. 

Unlike Olympic canoeing, which includes sprint and slalom canoe events, in the Paralympic Games there is only the 200-m kayak sprint disciplines. The 200m races are broken down into three classes for men and wmone (KL1, KL2, and KL3)

Each boat is adapted according to the functional abilities of its crew members. Athletes with any type of physical-motor disability may participate in competitions.

Canada is led in Para canoe by four-time world champion Christine Gauthier. Para canoe events have been held at the International Canoe Federation World Sprint Championships annually since 2010.

For a full list of historical results, visit the International Paralympic Committee website. 

Athletes competing in paracanoe have a physical impairment and are grouped into the following three sport classes: KL1: Athletes have no or very limited trunk and function and no leg function. KL2: Athletes have partial trunk function and are able to sit upright in the kayak. They also have partial leg function and limited leg movement during paddling. KL3: Athletes have trunk function and partial leg function. Athletes are able to sit in the kayak with trunk in forward flexed position and able to use at least one leg or prosthesis.