Are you ParaTough? The ParaTough Cup fuelled by Petro-Canada will test your physical and mental strength while raising funds to create more opportunities for Canadians with a disability to participate in sport.

Your fundraising efforts will earn your team valuable bonus points towards the competition total and can earn you great individual prizes. But best of all, every dollar you raise goes to support the Canadian Paralympic Movement so we can ensure sport is available and accessible for all Canadians with a disability. 


NEW: Recruit a team and earn bonus points! For every team you refer, earn 5 points towards your team’s competition total. The referred team must register online and have six participants compete on event day.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Paratough cup fuelled by petro-canada?

The ParaTough Cup fuelled by Petro-Canada is a half-day team event that will put your athleticism and fitness to the test through a variety of Para sport challenges. Teams of six face off and collect points through competition and fundraising performance, with the goal of being crowned as ParaTough Cup champions. Along the way, you’ll raise funds to support the Paralympic Foundation of Canada as it works to ensure sport is available and accessible for all Canadians with a disability.

Since it began in 2017, ParaTough Cup has raised more than $821,000 to support the Paralympic movement in Canada.


How do I register a team?

Contact or call (613)569-4333 x 245 to reserve your team.

Teams can be comprised of colleagues, friends, family members, clients or anyone who wants to test their Para sport skills while raising money help create more opportunities for Canadians with a disability to participate in sport.

You will appoint a Team Captain who will serve as the main point of contact for the event and will help encourage the other team members to fundraise. Each team member will have access to their own fundraising page that they can customize with stories, videos, photos and other media.


When & Where is the Paratough Cup?

The 2019-2020 ParaTough Cup event series will be held in four cities across Canada:

Montreal - Thursday, November 7th, 2019 – Tomlinson Fieldhouse – McGill University

Vancouver – Friday, November 22nd, 2019 – Richmond Olympic Oval

Calgary – Thursday, February 20th, 2020 – Repsol Sport Centre

Toronto – Thursday, March 5th, 2020 – Mattamy Athletic Centre


What is the agenda for the day?

12:00 p.m. - Doors open. Check in at the registration table, change into your exercise wear and try your hand at a few of the Para sport stations before the competition starts. Energize your team and get ready to compete for the ParaTough Cup!

1:00 p.m. – We start with an introduction to the event and the Paralympic Foundation of Canada from the stage. We will explain event scoring and how the day will run. Then we will start the clock and move straight into your first Para sport station.

~4:30 p.m. – Immediately following the competition, join us for the awards presentation, a reception including food and drinks and a chance to mingle with your teammates and opponents. (Complimentary food and beverage provided).


Will i get to meet any ParalympiANS?

You sure will! Teams will have the opportunity to engage with active and retired Paralympians throughout the day. You’ll get a chance to hear their stories and maybe even pick up some Para sport training tips along the way. Selfies and team photos are encouraged!


Who else will be there?

ParaTough Cup brings out a number of other corporate and community teams who, like you, are interested in trying Para sport and supporting the Paralympic Foundation of Canada.  There will be a mixture of ages and abilities, but everyone is looking to be crowned ParaTough Cup Champions. A team of Paralympic Foundation of Canada staff members and volunteers will be on hand to answer questions and guide you through the Para sport stations. A trained medical team will also be on the premises. Stay tuned for more information on other special guests.


Will there be food?

Thanks to our sponsors, there will be some food and drinks available throughout the competition, though we recommend you have lunch before arriving. Following the competition, food and drinks will be served at the on-site reception.



How much does it cost to register my team?

Teams can choose to pay a $5,000 participation fee, fundraise the $5,000 fee or do a combination of payment and fundraising. Please contact Jessica Kenney with any questions about payment or to make arrangements for an invoice.

Teams are encouraged to fundraise through our online event portal. All funds raised in excess of the $5,000 participation fee will make individuals eligible for some fantastic incentive prizes. In doing so, teams will also earn bonus points that contribute to their final score of the competition – and ultimately winning the ParaTough Cup.


Where does the Money go?

Funds raised from the ParaTough Cup fuelled by Petro-Canada support the Paralympic Foundation of Canada as it works to remove barriers and ensure that Canadians with a disability can have access to sport, from their communities all the way to the Paralympic podium.


How can I ask my friends and family for money?

It is important to let your personal and professional networks know why you’re participating in the ParaTough Cup. You will have the ability to customize your own fundraising page on the Canada Helps platform. This will allow you the opportunity to personalize your message, add your own photos and videos. Take some selfies of you and your team training and share them to your page.

Sponsor yourself first! You can make your donation anonymous and set the bar high for the rest to follow.

Extend your reach by using social media to ask for donations. It is easy to share your personal fundraising page directly to your social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter. Use the hashtag #paratough.

Let your HR department know about your team’s participation and request an e-blast soliciting donations to all employees. Include the link to your team’s fundraising page.

Thank your donors! Make sure to personally thank people that have donated to your fundraiser or your team’s fundraising page. Help them realize and understand how much their contribution will help make a difference to Canadians with a disability.

Personalize your ask. When you are asking for donations, ask for specific amounts that demonstrate how the funds make an impact. Personalized messages will resonate with donors and they are likely to donate once you make the ask.

            Need some inspiration? See how far donations can go:






Could buy a pair of blackened goggles for a visually impaired swimmer to use in the pool.


Could pay for an audible ball so a visually impaired child can try goalball.

Could pay for a pair of gloves for a wheelchair athlete to take part in a high school track and field meet.

Could pay for an adjustable paddle allowing people with a range of disabilities to try Para canoe.

Could pay for a “starter” para ice hockey sled so that a young person with a disability has a chance to experience Canada’s national pastime. 



How does my team win?

Your team wins by having the most combined points from the amount of money your team has fundraised + your referral bonus(es) + your team’s score in the various Para sport challenges.


How do we win/ earn points?

Para sport challenge points are awarded as follows:

Wheelchair Basketball

5 for win, 3 for tie, 1 for loss

Sitting Volleyball

5 for win, 1 for loss

Athletics (Guided Run & Wheelchair Agility)

Ranking, 1st receives 14 points, last place receives 1 point

Para Ice Hockey

5 for win, 3 for tie, 1 for loss

You are also able to gain points towards your final score from the amount of money your team fundraises:

AMOUNT FUNDRAISED (inclusive of participation fee)




$5,001 - $5,499


$5,500 - $5,999


$6,000 - $6,999


$7,000 - $7,999


$8,000 - $8,999


$9,000 - $9,999


$10,000 - $12,499


$12,500 - $14,999


$15,000  +


New this year: if every member of your six-person team raises a minimum of $100 each, your team will earn 10 bonus points. Plus every person who raises $100 will be entered in a draw for a Team Canada Prize Pack














What if there is a tie in total points?

In case of a tie, the team who raised the most amount of money - down to a single penny – will win. If there is a tie in money raised, there will be a fitness challenge as the tiebreaker.


What should I wear?

Wear comfortable athletic wear and good running shoes. Athletic gloves can also be worn for the challenges which involve wheelchairs to protect your hands but are not necessary. Your team will be provided with t-shirts and competition bibs. In Vancouver and Toronto, teams will be going on the ice for the para ice hockey relay, and although we will provide helmets, gloves, and elbow pads, you are also welcomed to bring your own if you have them.


Does it matter if I’m not very athletic?

The ParaTough Cup fuelled by Petro-Canada is a challenge that combines fundraising and athleticism. You do have the opportunity to gain points based on your teams fundraising as well as inviting your friends, colleagues or anyone else in your network to enter the competition with a team of their own. It is possible to earn enough bonus points through fundraising and referral bonuses to win the ParaTough Cup!


Do I have to participate in every challenge?

Each team member will be required to participate in every challenge unless otherwise indicated in the activity overview and rules. An exception will be made if a participant is unable to compete in one of the activities due to a disability/injury or other impairment. In this case another team member may take the place of the individual that is unable to compete.


Do we have to be part of a company to compete?

Everyone is welcome at ParaTough Cup; participation is not limited to corporate teams. Your team can be a group of six people from your office, your community group, your book club, your hockey team, your family or any group of six people who want to work together as a team to try Para sports and support Canadians with disabilities.

ParaTough Cup 2018/2019
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