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As a sport community, we share a commitment to ensuring a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment throughout our sport system. We believe that quality sport experiences are those where all individuals feel welcomed, accepted and respected.  

To understand more about our commitment to safe, welcoming and inclusive environments, see this joint statement by the Canadian Paralympic Committee and Canadian Olympic Committee.

In order to better support safe, welcoming and inclusive sport, there are a number of areas and frameworks that shape how we approach creating these environments, including diversity and inclusion, safe sport and quality sport. 

The following provides some information for immediate actions that can be taken (where necessary) and additional information, resources and tools to support individuals and organizations in creating safe, welcoming and inclusive environments.


Learning more about creating safe, welcoming and inclusive environments

These sections provide more information on how you can further educate yourself and your organization, access training and resources, and champion safe, welcoming and inclusive environments within your own community.

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