A safe, welcoming and inclusive sport system is one where those in every role in sport (athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, board members and administrators), feel that: they belong and are valued; their voices are heard; they have a right to choice and consent; they face no inequitable barriers to leadership roles; they are encouraged and supported to take these on if they so choose; and there are people like them among every role in the sporting system. 
We often hear the question ‘but where do I start’. For that we have designed a resource document and self-assessment tool to allow you to identify areas on where to start.  Please take a moment to go through the resource document to provide further context and background on diversity and inclusion and then click the button below for the self-assessment tool. We recommend you keep your resource document at your disposal while you work through the tool.
Each item on the tool can be rated on the same five-point rating scale.  The key in all of your responses is “What are you doing currently” in each of the particular areas.
The information is private and not collected; It is meant to help you start the process.
Once completed, we suggest you save or print your results for future reference.