The Canadian Paralympic Committee is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 7 to 12 individuals. With the exception of the Athletes Representative and Coaches Representative, the Board members are elected by the CPC Active Membership during the Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

Introducing the 2021-25 Board of Directors: 



Marc-Andre Fabien headshot

Marc-André Fabien



Gail Hamamoto headshot

Gail Hamamoto



Robert Fenton headshot

Robert Fenton

Peter Lawless headshot

Peter Lawless

David Masse headshot

David Masse

Janet Petras headshot

Janet Petras

David Rattray headshot

David Rattray

Ian Troop headshot

Ian Troop

Ellen Waxman headshot

Ellen Waxman

Athlete Director


Tony Walby headshot

Tony Walby

Coach Director


Stephen Burke headshot

Stephen Burke



History Of CPC's Board Of Directors


Year  Position  Name
2017-2021 President Marc-André Fabien      
  Vice President Gail Hamamoto
  Past President Gaétan Tardif
  Director Rick Baker
  Director Dr. Lindsay Bradley
  Director Andrea Carey
  Director Robert J. Fenton
  Director Rem Langan
  Director Tyler Mosher
  Director Ellen Waxman
  Coaching Director Stephen Burke
  Athlete Director  Tony Walby


Year  Position  Name
2013-17 President Gaétan Tardif           
  Vice President Debbie Low
  Past President David Legg
  Treasurer Jim Westlake
  Director Rem Langan
  Director Ellen Waxman
  Director Gail Hamamoto
  Director Rick Baker
  Director Andrea Carey
  Director Stephen Burke
  Director Tyler Mosher



Year  Position  Name
2012 - 2013 President David Legg
  Vice President James Westlake
  Past President Carla Qualtrough
  Director Administration Gaétan Tardif
  Director Finance Rem Langan
  Director High Performance Blair McIntosh
  Director Marketing Hugues Gibeault
  Director Communications Dale Hooper
  Director Paralympic Development Gail Hamamoto
  Director at Large  
  Member at Large Andrea Carey
  Member at Large Vacant
  Coaching Representative Craig McCord
  Athlete Representative Josh Vander Vies

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