When it comes to learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the sport world, it is best to hear from the experts on the topic – and the greatest experts on making sport more inclusive, accessible, and equitable for all persons with a disability (from all backgrounds) are the athletes.

The different video series below touch on topics related to DEI in varied ways, including athletes discussing their experience as a person with a disability, what inclusion means to them, what barriers still exist, and what needs to be done to ensure a more inclusive future for sport in Canada.

Among the videos are Paralympic swimmer Camillé Bérubé, who also holds a degree in gender and disability studies, reflecting on inclusive sport, as well as Tokyo 2020 chef de mission Stephanie Dixon and Beijing 2022 chef de mission Josh Dueck – two of Canada’s greatest athlete leaders – sharing their thoughts on life with a disability, how things have changed over the years, and what a more inclusive world looks like.

Diversity, inclusion, and equity is an ongoing and very important journey. For more resources and information, visit the CPC’s diversity, inclusion, and equity hub and join our Inclusive Sport Hub Facebook group.