Mike has lived his life following his mantra (maxim) LEARN, EARN, RETURN. A respected member of the business community, he is perhaps first and foremost regarded as a humanitarian, tireless volunteer, philanthropist, community leader, and, an exceptionally proud citizen and ambassador of Alberta and Canada. Among his many involvements, Mike is currently a Director of the Alberta Children’s Hospital; Chair of Education Matters; and, board member of various public and private companies as part of his professional career as a businessman, entrepreneur and Chartered Accountant.

Mike Shaikh continues to be highly active and engaged in both the business and broader not-for-profit communities. At the heart of his work is a deep commitment to doing what he personally can to help ensure Alberta continues to evolve as a prospering and caring society for all its people, including immigrants and the marginalized. Through this lens, his efforts continue to centre on the focus areas of public safety, medical research, education and mentorship