Douglas Blessin

Doug Blessin is an advertising production manager who started his parasport career in wheelchair rugby after he was injured in a car accident in December 1995. With the birth of his kids, life got busy, and Blessin gave up the sport of wheelchair rugby. When time permitted a return to competitive sports, he tried shooting.

Blessin is inspired by his teammate Chris Trifonidis, a six-time Paralympian who has unselfishly shared his wealth of shooting knowledge with him. Blessin is a family man who helps coach his twin sons’ lacrosse team.

Blessin placed first in the 2010 Canadian Air Gun Grand Prix; first in the 2011 Richmond Hibernation Match and first in the 2011 Canadian Nationals in the R4 SH2 division.

London will be Blessin’s first Paralympic Games. His motto is: "Never worry about the things you have no control over, and always take extra care over the things you do."


Games Sport Event Result
2012 London Paralympics Shooting R4 - 10m Air Rifle Standing - Mixed 24
2012 London Paralympics Shooting R5 - 10m Air Rifle Prone - Mixed 25