Pierre Mainville

Pierre Mainville, currently ranked tenth in the world, was Canada’s first world championship medallist in wheelchair fencing in 2010, winning a bronze. The proud father of two young children competed at the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing, placing ninth in epée and 15th in sabre. He will compete in both epée and sabre in London.

Mainville is featured in the Canadian Paralympic Committee’s Super Athletes marketing campaign and has been nicknamed “The Perfectionist” because his goal is to be mistake-free in every bout. His international record seems to support that approach, winning medals on a consistent basis at World Cups since 2006.

Mainville became paraplegic in 2002 after being hit by a bullet. Six months after the accident, he took up fencing. In less than four years, he went from novice competitor to the 2006 World Championships. Now he is considered one of the best players in the world.

Paralympic sport wasn’t unfamiliar to Mainville before his accident. One of his friends was a wheelchair user and the two played sledge hockey together.

He is a full time fencer and also part of a mentor program called « Promethé » that helps high school drop-outs.


Games Sport Event Result
2012 London Paralympics Wheelchair Fencing Sabre - Men 7
2012 London Paralympics Wheelchair Fencing Epee - Individual - Men Cat. B 9
2008 Beijing Paralympics Wheelchair Fencing Epee - Men 9
2008 Beijing Paralympics Wheelchair Fencing Sabre - Men 15