Colin Mathieson

Colin Mathieson has been a member of three Paralympic Teams and is no newcomer to high performance sport on the world stage. Mathieson's first Paralympics were the 1996 Games in Atlanta, where he won bronze in the 4x400 relay. At the Sydney 2000 Paralympics, his best result was a fourth-place finish in the 400 m. In 2008 in Beijing, he advanced to the semifinals of the 400m.

Mathieson says one of his biggest challenges is finding a balance between sports and real life. He thinks his best competition moment was in 2008 when he broke the T54 100 metre Canadian record while qualifying for Beijing.

A regular on the international scene, Mathieson also has raced at four IPC World Championships, and was part of the 4x400m team that won bronze at the 2011 IPC World Championships in Christchurch, NZL.
Mathieson has been awarded the City of Winnipeg Gold Coin of Excellence and the Order of Sport Excellence.


1996 Atlanta ParalympicsAthletics4 x 400m Relay - Menbronze


Games Sport Event Result
2012 London Paralympics Athletics 100m - Men 16
2012 London Paralympics Athletics 400m - Men 16
2012 London Paralympics Athletics 4 x 400m Relay - Men 5
2008 Beijing Paralympics Athletics 100m - Men 16
2008 Beijing Paralympics Athletics 200m - Men 14
2008 Beijing Paralympics Athletics 400m - Men 12
2000 Sydney Paralympics Athletics 200m - Men 5
2000 Sydney Paralympics Athletics 400m - Men 4
2000 Sydney Paralympics Athletics 800m - Men 5
1996 Atlanta Paralympics Athletics 100m - Men 10
1996 Atlanta Paralympics Athletics 200m - Men 6
1996 Atlanta Paralympics Athletics 400m - Men 7
1996 Atlanta Paralympics Athletics 800m - Men 9
1996 Atlanta Paralympics Athletics 4 x 400m Relay - Men 3