Help Your Child Get Involved In Parasport

Children with disabilities often do not get enough exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, 38% of Canadian children with a disability never get exercise after school, compared to only 10% of able-bodied children who never get after-school exercise [1]. Benefits of physical activity are often MORE important to individuals with a disability.

What can YOU do as a parent?

Family members typically have the biggest impact on whether a child with a disability participates in sport.

YOU can support your child’s participation by:


There are 3 easy steps: 


  1. Educate Yourself

Understand the benefits of participation in physical activity and sport for all persons with a disability

Advocate that a disability is not a barrier to participation – while barriers do exist, you can play a role in letting educators, recreation staff, and other people in your child’s life understand that the disability is not the barrier – but sometimes attitudes, the built environment, equipment are.

Focus on what your child CAN do – consider possibilities and share your passion/information/recommendations with colleagues, families etc.

With an open mind, some effort and creativity, there are plenty of ways to get ALL kids active! Encourage an “Active for Life” lifestyle for both your child and your family! 

  1. Get Active

Visit the Find a Sport and Find a Club Portal at to find local opportunities for your child and family

  1. Connect with Other Key Influencers

Speak to other key influencers in your child’s life including teachers and healthcare providers about how to get your child active. There are many resources out there designed for educators and healthcare providers including:

Canadian Paralympic School Program,

FUNdamentals Physical Literacy Resource


[1] Canadian Active After School Partnership (2014)