Vancouver, BC

Kim Jakeman is a partner with Harper Grey LLP and also the co-founder of Life in Law. Not only is Kim a skilled mediator, she also maintains a busy dual practice focused mainly on litigation in the area of medical malpractice and regulatory work.

Over the course of Kim’s career her focus has been on addressing diversity and equality within the legal profession and expanding possibilities for women. While progress may be slow, the fact that changes are being made is undeniable. Kim is proud of the role she has and continues to play and acknowledges that change cannot be attributed to only one thing or one person. It takes all of us working together in a myriad of ways - through leadership, mentoring, education and persistence.

“Inclusion is always top of mind for me. All of us are better when we have the opportunity to be the most authentic versions of ourselves. Accepting that authenticity and being inclusive to those versions of ourselves and our peers is what really unifies a community.”

Kim brings the same dedication to community to other aspects of her life, including supporting women in sport, most recently as a founding member of the first all-female cycling team in BC, WOWride, a not-for-profit organization that inspires female cyclists of all levels. She brings her passion and deep love of sport to her role on the board of directors of the Paralympic Foundation of Canada.