Athlete Profile

Canadian Women's Sitting Volleyball Team

Canadian sitting volleyball women's team with Minister Kirsty Duncan

Canada’s Women’s Sitting Volleyball team is unique in that the entire team is made up of Next Generation athletes. The team is young in both age and experience - 80% of the players have joined the team in the last 2-3 years - but their determination and heart is driving them forward.

“It wasn’t that long ago that we had a couple of Rubbermaid bins and moved from gym to gym. Now we have a permanent home, full time coaches and an integrated support team,” said Ian Halliday, Director of High Performance for Sitting Volleyball.

Investment in that integrated support for athletes has been made possible through ImagiNation funding. This included bringing a mental performance specialist on board to work with the team as a collective, as well as supporting individual athletes in training and - for the first time ever - at competitions.

The team trains in Edmonton with players travelling from across Canada to train together once a month. ImagiNation funding will allow the team to lengthen their concentrated pre-competition training camp to four weeks in the lead up to the World Championships which took place in the Netherlands in July.  The team played hard and advanced their world ranking from 12th to 7th in the world.

The team remains focused on their goal of qualifying for the Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 against a strong field of international teams, including the USA and several dominant European countries.