Travel Packages

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We are excited to be working with Celebration Club to create a great experience for Canadian families and friends through safe and affordable travel packages that allow you to enjoy all that PyeongChang has to offer as you cheer on your favourite athletes.

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Here is some information from Celebration Club:

Celebration Club is looking forward to working with you to design a travel package best suited to your family’s needs, which includes hotel accommodations, airport transfers, event tickets, event transportation, cultural events and more. It is important to note, that while it may appear to be cheaper to book your own hotel or alternative accommodations with local hosts, we don't recommend it. The following are a few important points to consider when making your 2018 Paralympic Games travel decisions.

When you stay at one of our host hotels, airport pick-ups and drop-offs are included in the price, which will save you money and keep you safe. Also, getting to competition venues to cheer on your favourite athletes couldn’t be easier than with a Celebration Club travel package, as transportation to and from Paralympic venues is also included each day. Our dedicated transportation is more cost effective than a taxi and significantly safer and faster than public transportation.

One final note: if you are concerned about the cost of the package, we ask that contact us at before you book a hotel or house on our own, as we will do our best to find you a safe, affordable place to stay. 

If you have any questions or recommendation about this program, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in PyeongChang!