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Spectator Passes are mandatory forms of identification for spectators and guests to enter the Olympic Park, competition venues, live sites and cultural events during Sochi 2014. Spectators will need to present a ticket and a spectator pass in order to access all competition venues. Once a ticket has been purchased, all spectators can apply for spectator passes online at www.pass.sochi2014.com by using the client code provided by Flight Centre and uploading the information that Sochi 2014 requires for the application.

Alternatively, if tickets were purchased on your behalf by your National Sport Organization (NSO), the NSO will have the necessary information to assist you in completing your Spectator Pass application.

The Spectator Pass has been implemented as an additional form to enhance security on site and is issued free of charge. All spectators who intend to watch an event or enter the Olympic Park are required to obtain a Spectator Pass.

Spectator Pass FAQ

What is a Spectator Pass?

The Spectator Pass is a document which must be presented along with a ticket for a spectator to be granted access to venues and events at the Games. The Spectator Pass is issued free of charge for the purpose of providing security for all Ticket Holders at the Games.

Do children require a Spectator Pass?

Yes, any children over the age of two (2) years (born before 01/02/2012) need a Spectator Pass.

What is the timeline for an application?

Currently the time required is 72 hours for the process to be completed. During the Games the process will be faster (less than 3 hours).

Is the Spectator Pass valid for a single event or the entire Paralympic Games?

A spectator pass will be valid for the entire Paralympic Games.

Can you sign up for the Spectator Pass before ticket purchase?

No, the Spectator Pass registration system can only be accessed by someone who has purchased a ticket for an event at Sochi 2014.

How do I get my spectator pass?

Head to www.pass.sochi2014.com to start the registration process. You will need your ticket information and a client code from Flight Centre (after making your ticket purchase) to complete the application. Once you complete the application it takes 72 hours to process before being authorized or declined. There are two methods of obtaining the Spectator Pass:

  • Mail Delivery – Sochi 2014 will mail the Pass to you
  • Pick up – you can pick up the Pass at a Registration Centre on-site in Sochi

Once you have obtained your Spectator Pass it must be activated on site at a Registration Centre before being used to access Olympic Park or any venues.

What information is required for registration?

The following fields are what Sochi 2014 is indicating will be required to apply for a Spectator Pass:

  • Citizenship
  • Ticket order number
  • Ticket number
  • Client Code (Provided by Flight Centre)
  • Passport
    • Passport Number
    • Issuing Authority
    • Date of Issue
    • Surname
    • Name
    • Middle name
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
  • Photo Upload –headshot, Passport style

What if my application is declined?

Sochi 2014 reserves the right to grant or deny a Spectator Pass at its discretion. If an application is done incorrectly, the system will notify the applicant of the error allowing the spectator to re-apply.

What if I lose my Spectator Pass?

It can be re-printed at any Registration Centre in Sochi by presenting the identity documentation that is required for Spectator Pass application.