Sébastien Fortier

Sébastien Fortier


Sébastien Fortier competed at his second Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi in 2014.

Fortier grew up on the family farm in rural Quebec. While he enjoyed sports in school, he rarely had time to play because he was always busy with the family business. On September 13, 2003, at age 17, he was injured in an accident at a roof factory when 19 roof frames fell on his head.  He severely injured his spinal cord and was left a paraplegic.

In May 2005 he underwent surgery to remove rods on his spine. The operation was unsuccessful, which resulted in recurring lower back pain and neuropathic pain.

In his first full season with Canada’s National Para-nordic Team, Fortier qualified for the Paralympic Games in Vancouver-Whistler in 2010. He was a member of Canada’s seventh place relay team. Just a year later he won three gold medals at the Canada Winter Games.

During the 2012-2013 season, he did not train or compete much due to rotator cuff injuries. For the 2013-14 season, Fortier competed at the opening World Cup event in Canmore and was 20th in the sprint despite breaking his pole at the start of the race. 


Vancouver 2010 Paralympian… Three gold medals at 2011 Canada Winter Games.


FAMILY: youngest of three children.

GETTING INTO THE SPORT: He did not participate in sport before his 2003 accident, and began to take an interest during his rehabilitation. He was introduced to para-Nordic skiing in 2006 and took up the sport seriously in December 2008.

ODDS AND ENDS: Favorite athlete is Sidney Crosby… He has also competed on the Canadian national para-cycling circuit. 


Games Sport Event Result
2014 Sochi Paralympics Para-Nordic skiing 15km Sitting - Mens 18
2014 Sochi Paralympics Para-Nordic skiing 10km Sitting - Mens 26
2014 Sochi Paralympics Para-Nordic skiing 1km Sprint Sitting - Men 23
2010 Vancouver Paralympics Para-Nordic skiing 1 x 4km + 2 x 5km Relay - Men 7
2010 Vancouver Paralympics Para-Nordic skiing 1km Sprint Sitting - Men 32