Sasha Boulton


Sasha Boulton is the guide for Christine Robbons, who has a visual impairment, in the PT5 triathlon event. Boulton started triathlon at a young age and dreamed of one day competing at the Olympic Games. But a back injury appeared to derail her career before she joined forces with Robbins in 2015. Now she is off to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games as para-triathlon makes its debut as part of the Paralympic Games program.


2015 world championship team member…


Biomedical Engineering student at the University of Guelph… Member of varsity swim team at Guelph…


2016 - ITU World Para-triathlon Series (Strathclyde, Scotland) 2nd

2016 - ITU World Para-triathlon Series (Yokohama) 4th

2015 – World Championships 8th

2015 – Canadian Championships 1st

2015 – ITU World Para-triathlon Series (Edmonton) 2nd