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The sailing events are single-person keelboat (also known as 2.4mR), two-person keelboat (SKUD-18) and three-person keelboat (Sonar). It is open to men and women with any type of physical impairment and the classification system is based on four factors: stability, hand function, mobility and vision. 

Each of the three events consists of 11 separate races. Final placings are determined by the accumulation of lowest points scored in each race. In Paralympic sailing, sailors race under the fleet racing format, meaning all boats in each class start at the same time.

If a sailor or crew breaks a rule during a race, they must complete penalty turns before finishing the race. The penalty turns are marked by buoys within the course.

Sailing was introduced at the Atlanta 1996 Paralympic Games as a demonstration sport and then became a medal sport at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games. Canada’s Paul Tingley has raced at every Paralympics since Sydney and has contributed to two of the country’s three sailing medals including gold in 2008.

The sport is governed by the International Association for Disabled Sailing (IFDS). IFDS closely co-operates with the International Sailing Federation (World Governing Body for Sailing). The National Sport Federation is the Canadian Yachting Association.

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