Para-Taekwondo incorporates many of the same components as Olympic-style taekwondo for our Athletes based on weight categories and the following sparring classifications:

Existing World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Para Taekwondo Sparring Classifications

A5: Amputation of both limbs above the elbows

A6: Amputation of one limb above the elbow

A7: Amputation of both limbs below the elbows

A8: Amputation of one limb below the elbow

The same Electronic Chest Protector and Scoring System (PSS) and an instant video replay system, which made its introduction at the Olympic Games in London 2012 are used.

Para-Taekwondo was first established a World Championships in 2009, when the WTF staged the first event in Baku, Azerbaijan. As of 2013 there have been 4 World Para Championships. Also in 2009, Taekwondo Canada held its 1st Canadian National Para Taekwondo Championship sharing a fully integrated event with our annual Canadian Championship – a practice of integration we are committed to.

Our very own Canadian, Lisa Standeven has won 3 Gold medals at the 2nd - 4th World Para-Taekwondo Championships! Para-Taekwondo is accessible to anyone who wants to learn Taekwondo and has a willingness to compete based upon their ability and athletic support to train.

“The hope that taekwondo brings is limitless, it knows no boundaries and is hampered by no disability.”

Chungwon Choue, President of the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation)

Para-Taekwondo as a recreational activity and competitive sport is quickly growing around the world. This dynamic and exciting martial art is however, not limited to participants with physical amputations in Canada. Taekwondo has also become an activity with great benefits for individuals with a large range of abilities – from physical to intellectual to sensory disabilities.

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