#ReliveSochi: March 7, 2014

March 7, 2015

Team Canada

Clad in red winter vintage HBC duffle coats noted for their toggle-style buttons, Canada’s athletes marched and wheeled into Fisht Olympic Stadium led by flag bearer wheelchair curler Sonja Gaudet of Vernon, B.C.  She entered the Games as a two-time defending Paralympic champion and three-time reigning world champion. 

Canada was the 19th team to parade and received a big ovation from the crowd. "This was an extremely humbling and emotional experience for me," Gaudet told CBC after the ceremony. ‘’It was an incredibly magical production that left me thinking in my own little world for quite some time!"

Team Canada   Sonja Gaudet

Titled “Breaking the Ice,” the ceremony focused on Russian history and the Paralympic ideals of breaking down barriers.  There were more than 2,500 performers in the show and they provided a spectacular display of choreography and athletics amidst an amazing sheet of lights.