Mawji Shines at the BISFed Worlds

September 24, 2014

September 24, 2014 – BEIJING
The individual portion of the BISFed World Championships in Beijing, China began on Wednesday, with Team Canada making eight appearances on court.  The standout performance of the day was delivered by Hanif Mawji (Burnaby, BC) who proved a force to be reckoned with in BC1 play, with a crushing 11-2 win over Tang Mac-Ukei of Macao. It was Mawji’s game from the first end, opening with four points. Going into the final end with a 6-2 lead, Mawji capitalized when Mac-Ukei left the jack open and ran out of balls, dropping five balls in to score.  Of his mindset during the game, Mawji said, “My coach Shannon Sydorak and I have been working on strategies to relax and stay focused and those helped me today.” BC3 Coach, Shannon Sydorak (Vancouver, BC) said of Mawji’s win, “this was one of those moments that makes all the training worth it.  Hanif performed exactly the way we planned.”
BC3 player Eric Bussiere (Verchéres, QC) impressed in his World Championships debut against Gregorio Polychronidis from Greece – ranked fourth in the world – stealing an end and forcing the Greek to work for the win. It gave him confidence going into his second match against Daniel Michel of Australia, where he pulled out to a strong 6-0 lead in the first two ends. He gave up four points in the third, leading to a nail biter of a finish in the fourth end, finishing with a score of 9-4.
In other BC3 play, Paul Gauthier (Vancouver BC) will not advance out of his pool. Twenty year old World Championships rookie Maria Bjurstrom of Sweden took everyone by surprise, winning both of her games and locking up first place in her pool. In the BC3 division, only the first place finisher in each pool advances. It’s a disappointing result for former World Champion Gauthier, who had his sights set on the playoffs and the podium.
Alison Levine (Montréal, QC) and Marco Dispaltro (Montréal, QC) in the BC4 division put on a good show for Canadian fans in their first game of the tournament going head-to-head. It was a well fought match, with Levine taking the long game to Dispaltro and Dispaltro meeting her every step of the way, finally prevailing 4-1. Tomorrow at 9:00am (UTC + 8h), the BC4s start the day, Alison Levine (Montréal, QC) countering Portugal, Marco Dispaltro (Montréal, QC) taking on Argentina and Josh Vander Vies (Vancouver, BC) against Brazil.

Wednesday's results

Brock Richardson 0-12 loss vs J. Fernandes (Portugal)
Hanif Mawji 11-2 win vs T. Mac-Ukei (Macao)

Dave Richer 2-10 loss vs A. Valente (Portugal)

Paul Gauthier 0-7 loss vs M. Bjurstrom (Sweden)
Eric Bussiere 1-11 loss vs G. Polychronidis (Greece)
Eric Bussiere 9-4 win v D. Michel (Australia) 

Marco Dispaltro 4-1 win vs Alison Levine (Canada)
Josh Vander Vies 1-6 loss vs H. Seo (Korea)

Thursday’s results

Hanif Mawji 2-5 loss vs. D. Lee (Korea)
Hanif Mawji 2-3 loss vs. W. Huadpradit (Thailand)
Brock Richardson 3-4 loss vs. V. Flores (Mexico)

Adam Dukovich 4-1 win vs R DeJesus (USA)
Dave Richer loss 4-5 loss vs J. Mayweather (Australia)

Paul Gauthier 6-2 win vs. J. Rebolledo (Argentina)
Bruno Garneau 0-12 loss vs P. Cilissen (Belgium)
Bruno Garneau 6-4 win vs A. Lekkas (Greece)

Alison Levine 3-4 loss vs. P. Clara (Portugal)
Alison Levine 4-3 win vs. I. Villagra (Argentina)
Josh Vander Vies 2-7 loss vs E. Santos (Brazil)
Josh Vander Vies 7-1 win vs C. Tanbut Thailand
Marco Dispaltro 6-0 win vs. I. Villagro (Argentina)
Marco Dispaltro 4-1 win vs. P. Clara (Portugal)

Friday's schedule (UTC + 8h) // l'horaire de vendredi (TUC + 8h)

BC1 Brock Richardson vs. K. Sun (China // la Chine)

BC2 Adam Dukovich vs. J. Sohn (Korea // la Corée)*
*winner advances to round of 16 //le vainqueur sera qualifié pour la ronde de 16

BC4 Marco Dispaltro vs not determined // n'est pas déterminé**
**round of 16//la ronde de 16

BC2 round of 16 // la ronde de 16

BC4 medal round // la ronde des médailles.