Coach Wilf Strom brought innovation and success to para-swimming

November 10, 2015

Wilf Strom

The late Wilf Strom of Winnipeg built Canada’s para-swimming team into an international powerhouse in the 1980s, the effects of which still reverberate today. Strom has been named as an inductee in the coach category for the 2015 Canadian Paralympic Hall of Fame.

It was while working with his star para-swimmer Tim McIsaac, Canada’s most successful Paralympian with 28 medals, that Wilf Strom and his wife Audrey Strom devised the tap system for blind swimmers (Audrey is also entering the Hall this year in the builder category). In this system the visually impaired swimmer is tapped on the head just before the wall, and rotates on the turn like a sighted swimmer. It’s a method still in place in 2015.

 “I have to give credit to my coaches for that,’’ said McIsaac. “My desire was to be the best I could. In them doing their job as coaches to help me be the best I could, they felt it was a skill I needed to learn if I wanted to get better. They were really the driving force behind it.’’

Strom strived for fairness and equality for para-swimmers and tapping is still the most significant breakthrough in swimming for athletes with a visual impairment.

Strom is part of a magnificent group of seven being inducted in to the Canadian Paralympic Hall of Fame for 2015. He will be officially celebrated at a Gala on November 27 in Ottawa. Tickets are available for purchase at

About the Canadian Paralympic Hall of Fame

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