New athlete to parasport

Parasport is open to anyone with a disability. It can be played by athletes with a visual impairment, a spinal cord injury, amputations, cerebral palsy, an intellectual disability, spinal bifida, multiple sclerosis, or other disabilities. Some clubs are also open to people without disabilities participating as athletes.

Parasport programs ensure the playing field is even, whether you're a beginner or have varying abilities.

Participants with intellectual disabilities can also find more information by visiting Special Olympics Canada or the Canadian Association of Athletes with Intellectual Disability. Although not integrated into the Canadian parasport system, you can also find information on sport for people with hearing impairments.

"I love swimming and am so proud to show people that swimming is one of the many fun sports that kids with a disability can do."

— Cassidy Sheng

Getting Started

  1. Find a parasport club (link) in your area. Different clubs will introduce you to parasport and teach you the basic skills, movements, and rules of the game.
  2. Many programs let you borrow adapted equipment so you can try multiple parasports before selecting your favourite and buying your own equipment

Did You Know

You are not limited to playing just one parasport! There are many different parasports to try. Learn more