Parasport Jumpstart Fund

Parasport Jumpstart Funds can be used to support initiatives such as the creation of a new program, or go towards the expansion of an existing successful initiative that provides positive introductory parasport experiences to children with a disability. The Canadian Paralympic Committee recognizes that many

introductory programs at the Active Start, Fundamentals and Learn to Train stages are integrated and often include multiple disability groups and sports

Funds will support three areas of para-sport development including Paralympic, Para-sport and multi-sport initiatives. These various streams of funding must incorporate at least one of the following programming categories; awareness first involvement and recruitment, participation and development.


Funding Streams:

The Parasport Jumpstart Fund offers three streams of funding for eligible organizations.

1. Paralympic Sport Funding: This funding stream provides support for Paralympic Sport programming in single sports. There are 28 sports on the Paralympic program. For a complete list of sports click here:  

2. Parasport Funding: This funding stream provides support to programming for sports that are not on the Paralympic program. These sports are generally considered “Parasport” and include wheel dance, waterski and wakeboard, para golf, para sailing and more. This funding will support projects and programs for single sports.

3. Multi-sport Funding: This funding stream provides support to programs offering more than one sport. Sports and activities included can be Paralympic or non-Paralympic sports, or a blend of both. Jumpstart and CPC recognize that multi-sport programs are often important in entry level programming for children and youth in order to expose them to varying experiences

Organizations that do not meet the criteria for the Parasport Jumpstart Fund are welcome to apply for funding through the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Fund.

Who Can Apply?

Organization that are qualified donees (following the Canada Revenue Agency guidelines for more information) are eligible to apply for this grant. The Parasport Jumpstart Fund will cover costs for the following three types of programming:

             1. Awareness, first involvement and recruitment

             2. Participation

             3. Development


Click here to apply. 

The application deadline is June 25, 2018 *Late submissions will NOT be accepted.
Successful applicants will receive 70% of the funding upon the approval of the grant. The final 30% will be provided once the child data and final report is submitted.