Impact: How We Help

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We need your support to ensure that Canada leads the way in removing barriers for people to participate in physical activity and sport, from the playground all the way to the podium. As Canadians, we have an exciting opportunity to be the best in the world at this – let’s do it!

We have identified three specific PRIORITY AREAS, that with your support, will contribute most to creating a clear path for Canadians who wish to be active and participate in parasport at all levels.

Your support will ensure greater community engagement, so that every school in Canada has the resources to help students of all abilities play and learn together. As well, so that every medical professional is able to connect patients and their families with the appropriate parasport programs in their community. Your support will ensure that every athlete, from those just discovering parasport through to our Paralympic medal hopefuls, has the adapted sports equipment they need to excel. Your support will ensure that the daily training environments required by our next generation and high performance Canadian athletes provide balanced integration of key success factors such as sport science and medicine, facilities, equipment and coaching - and are designed to put them on a path to the podium.


The Paralympic Foundation of Canada’s charitable registration number is  813904190RR0001.

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