Guides, Pilots and Coxwains


Guides participates either along side the athlete with the visual impairment, or in front of them (depending on the sport), communicating the course ahead for the athlete.

The sports where guides are needed include Athletics, Cross Country Skiing, Alpine Skiing,Triathlon and Waterskiing and Wakeboarding.


Sighted athletes are also used in Cycling where they are called pilots, and can be found riding a tandem bicycle with an athlete with a visual impairment.


In Rowing, sighted able-bodied athletes are involved as coxwaines, responsible for steering the boat during a race.

There are other sports for athletes with visual impairments but they are either competed in alone (such as Goalball, or judo), or with the assistance of auditory technology. Some sports may use a combined approach, such as Biathlon or Waterskiing. In Biathlon, an athlete may compete with a guide but shoot using the auditory technology. In Waterskiing, an athlete may compete in the slalom portion using auditory technology, but ski jump with a guide.

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